Our Story

Can you imagine a world where social responsibility was a simple byproduct of your business? A convenience where you don’t have to spend more in order to give more.

That world exists while joining our Give Back Program.

Processing Payments for a cause

The Give Back Program allows us to set the stage in our industry that we have a heart and a passion for heling our clients give back to other organizations such as, non for profits, charitable organizations, specific causes, etc., with creating this unique program without our clients spending more money that they need to grow their business.

If you haven’t already, at some point you probably will ask yourself, “where do these proceeds come from to give back”? Up to 20% of our recurring monthly proceeds, not yours, from your merchant with us, will be given back to the charitable organization that you or your company is passionate about.

While joining our Give Back Program, we’ll send you our digital “Give Back Logo” to place on your website and or storefront, letting your employees and customers know that your organization has joined a growing list of socially responsible companies that give back.

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