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Learn How we Can Help During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak

As an organization, we are determined to not let this virus destroy the dreams, hopes and grit that your business is built on. With Payroc as our processing partner, we have rallied together to offer you the best package of financial tools available to help combat this economic dip.

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How It Works



Refer a business to The Give Back Program for a cost savings analysis and consult on best processing practices for the particular business.



The Give Back Program will consult with the merchant, review their current cost structure and prepare a Sure Save Analysis.



The Give Back Program will review the results of the analysis with the business owner and begin the application process at their direction.


Up To 20% Given Back

The Give Back Program will give back up to 20% of our proceeds to your worthy cause each month for the life of the account!

Processing payments for a cause

  • Powered by the largest processors on the planet, servicing millions
  • End-to-end solutions for retail, Internet, and mobile businesses
  • Credit, debit, E-checks, gift & loyalty cards
  • True customer-centric service
  • Custom websites
  • Online Donation Platform + Donate Now button
  • Focused on Referral Partners

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According to a new study, generous businesses inspire individuals to give, too—thanks to one particular emotion.

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When your business was started it was done so to meet a need in a niche industry. The same can be said for giving back.

There's a humble business strategy you may be overlooking, and its benefits far surpass the standard ROI of other tactics. The strategy I'm referring to is a companywide effort of generosity, or rather, charitability. Finding a cause or charity to support is a practice many companies have adopted, for reasons ranging from improved company culture to nonprofit tax deductions. Though selfless in concept, supporting a charity or cause as a company is...